Who are George Eliot Hospital?

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust is a single site hospital on the outskirts of Nuneaton, Warwickshire. It provides traditional district general hospital health services including medical, surgical and maternity care. The George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust is determined to improve the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of care, and meet the growing expectations of their patients and the public.

Why Cisilion?

John Cornall - Associate Directory of Information Management Technology

"The core infrastructure is part of a much wider programme of modernising the trusts infrastructure. We were looking for a strategic partner, and we have been very fortunate that with Cisilion, we have absolutely the right partner for the job.”


George Eliot Hospital (GEH) play a vital role in supporting their local community. GEH had a vision to improve efficiency of patient care and the utilisation of a Wireless Technology was identified as being a crucial first step in achieving this objective.


There were a number of limitations to their existing Wireless Technology, which prevented the system to act as a business enabler and improve efficiency:

  • Existing wireless system was dated
  • Access points were acting autonomously of each other
  • Wireless system was difficult to manage
  • GEH had no operational advantage


Cisilion proposed a Radio Frequency Identification Solution (RFID) for GEH to fully utilise their Wireless capability. This intelligent network infrastructure provided a scale-able, resilient, manageable and highly secure tracking system for staff to locate equipment, people and all other essential hospital resources at the click of a button.

Benefits & numbers:

Through the deployment of wireless technology, George Eliot Hospital were able to achieve some significant cost and business operation savings including:

  • 6 times more improved coordination of resources
  • Increase in time and energy spent on patient care
  • Exceeded business objectives and improved business operations
  • 3 times more efficient business operations