Who are Freuds?

Freuds are a leading strategic marketing and communications company based in London. They deliver game-changing ideas for consumer, corporate and government bodies.

Why Cisilion?

Mark Ervin - Business Systems Manager

"Having Cisilion as a partner has taken stress out of day to day network management. We don’t only know that our network is secure, we also know its reliable.”


Freuds are looking to become enablers of their users and to give them the tools they need to become agile, in the way that they work. This would give them the ability to have the same working tools that they have inside the office as well as outside the office.

Their unreliable network was holding them back, with lots of downtime and a disrupted user experience. They consulted Cisilion to completely update their network in time for their new office move.


With an office move coming up, Freuds wanted a completely novel network infrastructure. Their existing network was causing them a number of performance and operational issues including:

  • Network was old and unreliable
  • Software was out of support
  • Lack of efficiency and productivity
  • IT team was spending all their time on network related issues


Cisilion provided Freuds with a full network audit and health check. This led to the recognition that security, switching, routing, ISE and Wireless were required at the new office space to have the best possible network. The solution put forward was a complete infrastructure refresh with the newest technology, a new network consisting of Cisco 4500 core switches and 3580 core edge. A new office self-provisioning guest access portal was also implemented, which made the use of wireless easier. The entire solution deployment improved Freuds network performance and decreased risk immensely.

Benefits & Numbers:

Through the deployment of Cisco’s network and wireless infrastructure across their site, Freuds were able to achieve some significant cost and business operation savings including:

  • 10 times faster network
  • Increased time for the IT team to support other issues
  • Improved reliability
  • Network performance increased by 6 times
  • Positive impact on end users