Empowering next-generation Azure & Microsoft Teams Managed Service

Who is Intersoft?

Intersoft, part of the Royal Mail Group, is a provider of delivery management software for international parcel shipments with more than 25 years experience working with leading UK, European, and global carriers.
It provides reliable management shipping software to power e-commerce growth, ensuring that retailers and partners have access to a network of carriers and delivery services to streamline and simplify the delivery process.

Setting the Scene

Intersoft had the following challenges with its existing infrastructure:


  • Intersoft’s incumbent partner was providing a lack of input for the future roadmap for the IT department.
  • Insufficient expertise from the incumbent partner led to difficulties during its Azure migration.
  • Disparate legacy calling system did not integrate with existing platforms.
  • Intersoft’s offices had limited meeting room capacity and a lack of modern technology.
Empowering Next-Gen Microsoft Teams & Azure

As Intersoft’s strategic partner, Cisilion transformed its Azure MSP contract to optimise, secure, and manage its Microsoft Azure infrastructure platform – combined with transforming its office spaces to provide a premium hybrid-meeting experience powered by Microsoft Teams.

The Solution

Cisilion provide a fully supported Azure Managed Service, in addition to CSP Cloud Spend Optimisation, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and Microsoft Teams Voice to bring calling into their core collaboration platform.
Azure Cloud Spend Optimisation

Cisilion provide a fully supported Azure Managed Service, in addition to CSP Cloud Spend Optimisation.

Microsoft Teams Voice & Rooms

Refurbished and fully integrated Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms solution – powered by Yealink – providing an all-round system to encompass all of the required collaboration infrastructure.

Cisilion's Gold Azure Managed Service

Cisilion’s industry-leading Microsoft Azure Managed Service, including 24/7 support across the entire estate, monitoring, update management, and advanced hardware replacement.

The Benefits

The deployment and migration to Azure was completed ahead of schedule, providing a robust and reliable cloud computing service. Intersoft realised a variety of benefits, including:

Achieved financial savings of over 30%

Enabled financial savings of over 30% on cloud spend.

Robust and reliable cloud computing services

The successful migration to Azure has provided robust and reliable cloud computing services.

Modern collaboration and meeting rooms

Modern collaboration platform and meeting rooms brings the team together regardless of location.

Reduced the need for third-party solutions

Reduced the need for third-party solutions by positioning Cisilion as an extension of the IT team.

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