Cisilion helps you to maintain visibility, control and your assets in the cloud

With our heritage in networking, Cisilion are perfectly positioned to assist you through the journey from Data Centre to Hybrid or Public Cloud, working with your business, IT, application owners and end users. We offer a large array of cloud computing services that can help transform your business. Whether an enterprise or commercial organisation within the legal, finance, insurance or public sector, Cisilion are at your service.


Why Cisilion in Cloud and Data Centre?

  • As a Microsoft Cloud partner, Cisilion can provide cloud and data centre solutions from Azure to Office 365 to Web Security
  • Cisilion assists our customers in responding faster and smarter to changing business environments by utilising cloud storage solutions
  • We provide the complete spectrum of IT and data centre services through all the different platforms
  • We are not tied to a cloud provider – let Cisilion be your portal into our wealth of cloud partners and offerings

Did you know?

  • 50% of Cloud applications & services can’t be delivered on-premise infrastructure (IDC, 2016)
  • 80% of enterprise companies are actively adopting or embracing the cloud (IDC, Cloud View Survey 2016)
  • There are still nearly 6 million new servers installed every year

5 reasons your data centre is everywhere

Data centres are struggling to manage the rapid increase in servers and applications. Of all the data collected, only 5 % is actually analysed.

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Why Cisilion in Cloud & Data Centre? Peter Singleton - Infrastructure Manager

"Cisilion partner with the leading vendors giving them a very compelling cloud and data centre offering. This has enabled them to provide Lockton with an integrated solution that meets our key business objectives."

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