The Cloud on your terms

With a rich heritage in Data Centre and Azure Cloud, we help you develop hybrid and cloud migration strategies that enable you to deliver against your digital transformation goals.

Shifting to a cloud-first approach brings huge benefits to organisations including the ability to scale to meet any demand, achieve greater resiliency, and develop better apps and services faster than ever before.



Global IT data centre spending is expected to reach $222 billion in 2023, up from $212 billion in 2022.– Statista


Organisations will deploy 95% of digital workloads in cloud-native environments by 2025 – IDC


What makes us great?

  • We have delivered 61 Azure Deployments within the last 12 months and can help to save you an average of over 30% on your spend.
  • We are in the 1% of Microsoft partners classified as FastTrack Ready, giving us access to tools, processes and technical resources to help accelerate your cloud journey.
  • We hold 600+ vendor certifications across 50+ uniquely certified people


Our data centre and cloud architecture teams design, implement, and manage cloud solutions that accelerate innovation. Our high levels of partner experience and certifications give us access to the best pricing scheme, deployment, and modernising funding to help drive down the cost of transformation.

We follow a proven framework for cloud lifecycle management that enables you to achieve your business and operational goals through the successful adoption of the cloud. It provides best practices, documentation, and tools that help you create and implement business and technology strategies for the cloud. Following best practices for the Cloud Adoption Framework allows your organisation to better align business and technical strategies and ensure success.



CISILION In Collaboration

Steve Gazey, Global Head of Infrastructure & Security - Innovation Group

Cisilion is a strategic partner who we massively rely on. None of our other technology partners invest anywhere near this amount of time to understand our business strategy and then create workstreams to help us achieve our strategic goals.

Our Solutions

Our Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions are based on three key areas:

Hybrid Cloud | Cost Optimisation | Infrastructure


Outcome & Benefits

Migrate, modernise, and run any workload

with increased agility, resiliency, control, and security through automation.

Maximise your existing investments

by extending your Data Centre to the cloud, bringing the value of cloud operations and architecture to your existing data centre, and making your cloud-to-edge ecosystem simple, flexible, and secure.

Reduced cost and complexity

through platform and cost optimisation.

Simplify the complexity

of building the applications and services you use to run your business across cloud and edge by leveraging cloud-native, hybrid or SaaS services using a “well-architected” and governed cloud framework

With proven capability and experience in on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-native infrastructure, Cisilion are perfectly positioned to assist on or through your digital transformation journey. We use a proven framework approach, working with your business, IT, finance, apps, and DevOps teams. We offer a large array of cloud computing and optimisation services that can help transform your business.

Backed by highly certified Azure solution architects, consultants, and adoption specialists, Cisilion provides the complete lifecycle services to help imagine, realise and optimise your investment in cloud technologies.

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