Has your company managed to be safe from the recent Cyber attacks?

The modern workplace is exposed to the rapid evolution of cyber threats, from individual threats to sophisticated organisational breaches to rapid cyberattacks and ransomware. With the growing complexity of the modern workplace, the attack surface has rapidly expanded, to a point where no single service can adequately protect an organisation!

Your workplace is composed of employee identities, enterprise applications and company and client data, devices, and of course infrastructure. Cisilion work with the leading security vendors to help ensure you can mitigate advanced threats from each of these potential threat vectors providing an end to end, holistic solution securing an organization’s entire attack surface enabling:

  • Protection – against advanced threats such as 0-days, targeted phishing, ransomware, and others
  • Detection – when a breach has occurred, who has been breached, what data has been compromised
  • Response – remediate from an attack and return the organization to a no threat state
  • Education – end users on how to react or respond to different types of threats

Want to learn more about ransomware?

Attend one of our tailored Cybersecurity | Ransomware workshops where we will cover (subject to your requirements and preference) how to protect, detect and respond across the entire attack surface:

  • How modern desktop environment can natively help protect from modern day cyber threats
  • Advancements in modern end-point security protection including:-
    • Windows Defender ATP (WDAPT)
    • Cisco AMP for Endpoints
  • Overview of leading Cloud Security Services including
    • Cisco Umbrella
    • Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • How Office 365 and Email Security protects your users at the time of delivery and time of click
    • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
    • Cisco Email Security
  • How better education through attack simulations can help identify risks and keep your users safe
  • Discuss how we can help run trials, assessments and pilot projects.

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