Secure your Sensitive Data on-premises and in the cloud with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

As services and data migrate to the cloud, protecting this data is more important than ever. Data leaks can be extremely damaging to companies as well as putting them at risk of some pretty hefty fines. The loss of critical Intellectual Property and other sensitive information to competitors or clients is a risk that many companies run today – without knowing that new technology solutions can help secure and protect your sensitive data, whether it lives in your datacentre, in the cloud, or even on one of your client’s computers.

Whether you need to find and protect PII data to meet compliance regulations like GDPR, securely share a document with one person and nobody else, or ensure your quotes can only be viewed for the next 7 days, solutions from Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security suite provide these unique capabilities.

Why attend?

To understand how Microsoft EM+S can help your organisation protect your sensitive data, during this 2-hour bespoke experience you will learn how:

  • Azure Information Protection (AIP) can Identify and Protect your confidential documents wherever they are shared
  • AIP and related technologies can help increase sharing and adoption of cloud services by alleviating security concerns
  • Discover and control how data is being shared outside your environment
  • Protect confidential corporate data on corporate and personal devices with Microsoft Intune

At the completion of this session, you will understand the unique capabilities of Microsoft AIP, CAS and Intune (Part of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security), and how they can help protect and secure your confidential data and help you meet challenges like GDPR. Don’t miss out, register now by filling in the form below!

*If you are looking for data protection instead (including backup and DR) then this won’t be covered in this session – but will be covered in a separate session here.