Empower Your Workforce, Save Costs & Secure Your Most Important Assets

The #ModernWorkplace is many things – it’s about people, their office spaces and the technology which enables them to work and be productive no matter who they are, what they do or where they are. In order to #GetModern we believe that from a technology standpoint there are five key ingredients:

Modern Device

Modernise and empower your workforce with Microsoft “Surface as a Service”, a solution from Cisilion that allows your organisation to provide a range of Microsoft Surface devices, accessories and support to your business on a Monthly subscription. During our IC Experience you will:

  • See the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Go & Surface Studio.
  • Learn about Windows 10 dynamic deployments including Windows 10 AutoPilot.
  • Review your options around Surface as a Service procurement – including our Tech Refresh Model.

Modern Collaboration

Empower your teams with Modern Collaboration tools to stay agile and create growth – Cisilion’s “Collaboration as a Service” can help your organisation take advantage of more intuitive and intelligent tools, that integrate with workflows and enhance work styles. In our IC Experience, we will:

  • Show how you can seamlessly collaborate across all modes – hardware devices, software applications, team collaboration and calling.
  • Demonstrate a range of use cases built on our key strategic partners latest offerings that are relevant to your vertical.

Modern Meetings

Cisilion’s “Meetings as a Service” brings together audio, video, and content sharing to deliver exceptional experiences that make meetings easy. Cisilion can help deliver the right features so teams can focus on the business at hand, without the disruption of technologyOur IC Experience has been designed to showcase the latest video endpoints available demonstrating some key use cases:

  • Seamlessly transition from your desktop to a meeting room space.
  • Schedule meetings from anywhere and using “single click”, to join meetings using video endpoints, desktop, browser or even a mobile device.
  • Demonstration of the highest-quality video with dynamic features to enhance the meeting room experience.
  • See how simply anyone from anywhere can join your meeting from any device.

Modern Customer Care

Cisilion have developed a unique “Customer Care as a Service” proposition that offers a much simpler and more efficient way of providing your customers with the best experience possible. With Cisilion’s Customer Care offering, you get everything you need in one place. Our IC Experience will:

  • Showcase world-class contact centre capabilities, workforce optimisation, chatbot and AI integrations.
  • Demonstrate how the overall solution deeply integrates with your current telephony platform without impacting the agent and customer experience.

Modern Security

Company and client assets – identity and data. It’s protecting the keys to the door and user identity, whilst making accessing resources simple yet secure through modern technology like always-on VPN, Multi-Factor authentication and risk-based conditional access that leverages behavioural analytics and AI. It’s also, of course, about data – protecting corporate data, from theft, espionage, malware, ransomware and accidental deletion whilst remaining GDPR compliant.

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