Collaborate with a KISS – Keep it Simple and Secure

Businesses are now exposed to a host of Collaboration tools across multiple clients. Users have consumer applications on corporate mobile devices. Feature-rich internal enterprise applications are abandoned for “good old email” in order to interact with customers, partners and external parties. This has led to confusion as to which tool to utilise for which task and disjointed conversations. Instead of being effective, “Simplify, secure and streamline your collaboration workflows” – let the Cisilion Innovation Centre technologies help your business.

Introducing Microsoft Teams and Cisco Spark. Microsoft Teams and Cisco Spark are two new experiences that bring together people, conversations and content — we’ll open your eyes to the future of collaboration and how your team can communicate better.

Simplify, secure and streamline your collaboration workflows – let the Cisilion Innovation Centre technologies help your business.

Why attend?

During this 2 hour experience you will learn about:

  • What the collaboration landscape consists of – consumer applications, legacy clients, poor user interfaces and disjointed user experiences.
  • The Cisilion test – are your enterprise communication tools older than your youngest employee? Email, Instant Messaging, Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing are 20 years old next year!
  • Whats-up with Whatsapp? Introducing Consumer experiences with Enterprise practicality – Administration, compliance, security and encryption
  • Embedding collaboration into your business processes and workflows and accelerating decision making
  • The Cisilion Innovation Centre presents the next generation of collaboration.

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