Fully integrated Next-Generation Collaboration Platform Deployment


Who is Lockton?

Lockton is the world’s largest privately owned, independent insurance brokerage firm, and the eighth largest overall, with 7,000 associates around the world. Lockton’s international insurance business (Lockton, Companies LLP) which are headquartered in London, have been loyal customers of Cisilion for many years and as of 2019, has a global revenue in excess of $1.57 Billion.

Why Cisilion?

Peter Singleton - VP Infrastructure Manager

"Cisilion are the most efficient and reliable partner and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

I thoroughly look forward to working with them again in the future.”


As one of the world’s largest privately owned insurance brokerage firms, global collaboration is essential for Lockton Insurance and was targeted as a key area for improvement. Lockton’s existing collaboration platform was no longer fit for purpose as it did not provide the internal and external live chat and conference tools required, this led to inefficient communication across global locations including a lack of video conferencing.

With the existing collaboration solution approaching its end of life, Lockton turned to Cisilion to devise a next generation collaboration strategy.


Lockton Insurance had the following challenges with its existing collaboration solution:

  • The existing solution was not fit for purpose and was therefore underutilised by staff
  • Communication across global locations was inefficient and troublesome
  • Lack of video conferencing solution
  • Existing solution approaching its end of life


As Lockton’s strategic partner, Cisilion utilised our Cisco Gold Partner and Master Collaboration Specialization status to deploy a fully integrated Next Generation Collaboration platform powered by Cisco, including:

  • JabberWebex TeamsWebex Meetings, Webex Boards and an Extensive User Adoption Programme

Combined with Cisilion’s User Adoption strategy, the reliable and scalable solution enables Lockton to embrace next generation collaboration, providing live chat, conferencing, meeting rooms, digital boards and live document sharing.


With the collaboration platform deployed, Lockton have achieved impressive ROI and benefits:

  • Significant savings through reduced travel costs and consolidated contracts
  • High User Adoption rates within Lockton through Cisilion’s 1-2-1 and class room work shops, floor walking, helpline and customised digital ‘how to’ video and PDF guides
  • Highly resilient scalable cloud collaboration platform
  • Increased productivity of global associates
  • Exceeded business objectives resulting in future planned deployments of further Webex Boards

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Previous Project Snapshots:

When Lockton first engaged with Cisilion, they wanted to transform business performance through increased employee collaboration and productivity, cost savings and application performance. In the last decade, Cisilion has designed and deployed several solutions for Lockton, including Nexus, UCS, F5, Microsoft Lync, Exchange Migration, Cisco Support services, SolarWinds and Cisco Call Manager upgrade.


Lockton had worked with several different system integrators, but were struggling to find the right partner. As a global company, they had problems with creating a unified workplace with consistent solutions and technologies. Lockton’s challenges included:

  • Finding a strategic partner & trusted advisor
  • Purchasing different technologies from different vendors
  • Offices in the United Sates using UCS which caused performance issues
  • Not able to monitor their network


Cisilion has helped Lockton with several projects throughout the years, including the design and implementation of the F5 load balancing solution. Within Lockton’s data centre, Cisilion provided expert and professional advice and the design and implementation of the Cisco UCS Solution. The insurance giant also upgraded its existing switching fabric to the latest Cisco Nexus technology.

Additionally, Cisilion provides Lockton with support across their Microsoft Estate, using helpdesk and consultants to assist Lockton with Exchange, Sequel, Lync and Sharepoint. Solarwinds is the latest solution Cisilion have deployed, giving Lockton the ability to monitor their network.

Benefits & Numbers:

With the multiple solutions deployed, Lockton have achieved impressive ROI and benefits, including:

  • 12 times faster problem tracking
  • 6 times better visibility and reporting
  • Fully functional and monitored network
  • 18% more productive workforce