Who are LeSoCo?

Lewisham Southwark College (LeSoCo) is a further education college in Lewisham and Southwark, south-east London. The college was formed from the merger of Lewisham College and Southwark College. The College has 16,000 student enrolments and 36,000 course enrolments. The college was a member of the 157 Group of high performing schools.

Why Cisilion?

Debbie Haddow - Head of IT

"From the first presentation, to the design through to the implementation, Cisilion delivered everything we asked for in a way that left us feeling confident that we owned, understood and could use Skype for Business in our environment.”


After the two colleges merged, they were left with outdated phone and communication systems that didn’t work together. The operational and communication efficiency throughout the college was affected in almost every way. After entering a tender process, Cisilion showcased their expertise, capabilities and manpower, and were selected as the partner to deliver the college a Skype for Business solution.


Following the merger of Lewisham College and Southwark College, they were left with four disparate phone and communication systems of various ages, features and phone types:

  • Systems were out of support by the vendor
  • Systems were complicated and costly to manage


Cisilion designed, installed and deployed a brand new Skype for Business Solution for the College, including Voice, Video, IM and TelePresence.

Benefits & numbers:

Through the deployment of Skype for Business Solution, LeSoCo were able to achieve some significant cost and business operation savings including:

  • 80% savings on all calls
  • Improvement in productivity and business efficiency
  • 30% cost reduction in travel
  • Enabling communications – everyone is now reachable by phone
  • 65% savings in support costs