Who are Kier?

Kier Group is a leading construction, services and property group specialising in building and civil engineering, support services, public and private house building, property development and structured property financing.The Group employs nearly 11,000 people worldwide and has an annual revenue of £2.2bn.

Why Cisilion?

Neil Binnie - Head of Infrastructure

“The on-going support that we have received from Cisilion has given the whole team at Kier the confidence, that we have chosen the right partner to work with for the long term and it’s not just a short term transaction.”


The deployment of WAN acceleration technology within Kier gives employees access to a reusable asset to improve site communications. The nature of the work we do, means that many of the sites we operate run for less than 12 months and it is simply not economical to put a large Ethernet link into those sites. What we can do is put in a lower cost, more economical solution and give a better service by bolting the WAN acceleration on top for the duration of that project.


One of the benefits of Riverbed is that we are actually seeking to reduce the amount of data we transmit on the network, so rather than just investing in a longer pipe sending more and more data, we are looking to have the intelligence in the network to reduce the total amount of traffic at any one time.