Enabling the Scalable Wireless Network


Who is Howard Kennedy LLP?

Howard Kennedy LLP is a London-based, full-service law firm with over 500 users, specialising in providing straightforward advice to entrepreneurial businesses and individuals on domestic and international matters.

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Why Cisilion?


“Our partnership with Cisilion has been essential to the success of this project. Their team worked tirelessly to ensure that the deployment was completed on time and within budget, without any disruption to our business operations."


With a Wi-Fi solution approaching end-of-life at its London HQ, Howard Kennedy LLP worked with Cisilion to refresh its core infrastructure to reflect its adoption of hybrid work across the organisation.

Due to a higher demand in video conferencing and remote working, it was deemed that its existing infrastructure was no longer fit for purpose for this new way of collaborating.

Through Cisilion’s Cisco Gold Partner status with Advanced Specializations in networking, Cisilion was able to refresh Howard Kennedy’s estate with Cisco’s leading Catalyst 9k solution.



Howard Kennedy LLP had the following challenges to overcome:

  • The existing wireless solution was approaching end-of-life.
  • Legacy infrastructure restricted the ability to adopt wireless technology across the business, including an increase in video conferencing.
  • A lack of ability to support hybrid working and flexibility across offices.
  • Lack of visibility across the network.
  • The existing network was built to support legacy workstations connected to the network via ethernet and wired phones on every desk.
  • Lack of a mesh wireless network restricting users from moving freely across the office.



As Howard Kennedy’s strategic partner, Cisilion utilised our Cisco Gold Partner status with Advanced Specializations in Networking to deploy scalable Wi-Fi infrastructure. The project resulted in the deployment of:

Network Refresh: Cisco Catalyst 9k: Wireless LAN controller powered by Cisco Cat9k, including 34 Cisco Aironet 3702 wireless access points across six floors. These access points connected to Cisco Catalyst 3850 switch clusters.

Enhanced Security: Cisco ISE: Authentication to corporate Wi-Fi network by Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).

Cisilion Managed Service: Cisilion’s industry-leading Cisco Managed Service, including 24/7 support across the entire estate, monitoring, update management, and advanced hardware replacement.



Howard Kennedy has achieved impressive ROI and benefits:

  • High performance and capacity to support simultaneous video and audio conferences, streaming media, and key system processes.
  • VLAN and Wi-Fi 6/6E support has enabled the IT team to take a proactive approach and build a roadmap for future upgrades.
  • Single pane of glass visibility across the network through Cisco ISE.
  • Increased productivity through the ability to embrace hybrid working.
  • Transformed office experience through flexible mesh guest Wi-Fi across the office space, supporting seminars and events.