Enabling the Hybrid Meeting Experience


Who is CNA Hardy?

CNA Hardy is a global specialty insurance company, headquartered in London, that provides a range of insurance solutions for businesses and professionals. With over 100 years of experience in the insurance industry, CNA Hardy has established a reputation for excellence and innovation

Why Cisilion?

Jack Kelly, Digital Workplace Manager, CNA Hardy

"Cisilion's expertise and guidance has been invaluable, I am grateful for their support and innovation in bringing our meeting room spaces to life.

They have ensured that we are able to work together seamlessly and efficiently."


As part of its commitment to enhancing communication and collaboration between teams, CNA Hardy had the vision to create a modern, flexible workplace to support the future ways of working and the needs of its people and customers.

As a result, it was necessary that the CNA Hardy office featured state-of-the-art technology, to complement the new workspace and enable seamless communication both internally and externally.

CNA Hardy turned to Cisilion to deploy meeting room technology powered by Microsoft Teams to achieve a more modern, efficient, and collaborative workplace environment with the goal of improving collaboration and productivity, making significant cost savings, and increasing employee satisfaction.



CNA Hardy had the following challenges with its existing infrastructure:

  • Legacy collaboration and meeting room technology was unable to provide the high standard of collaboration required.
  • Refurbishment to London office meant strict deadlines for the project to be completed.
  • Difficulty in connecting remote participants and integrating with existing tools, causing issues with sharing content, reducing collaboration and productivity
  • Timeconsuming and manual meeting room management processes requiring manual processes and support from IT staff.



As CNA Hardy’s strategic partner, Cisilion utilised our Microsoft Solutions Partner status with Advanced Specializations in Collaboration to deploy Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms powered by Logitech. The project resulted in the deployment of:

  • Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms: Enabled seamless communication and collaboration between teams in different locations, allowing for more effective communication and improved productivity.
  • Cisilion Gold Fully Managed Service: Cisilion’s industry-leading Microsoft Teams Managed Service, including 24/7 support and monitoring, update management, and advanced hardware replacement.
  • Office Refresh & Digital Signage: Procuring hardware, including devices and screens, deployed across all desks, meeting rooms, and the new office space.



With the Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms deployed, CNA Hardy has achieved impressive ROI and benefits:

  • Completed its vision of a modern, flexible workplace, with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and a more attractive workplace for recruitment and retention purposes.
  • Significant Cost savings through embracing flexible working, resulting in the reduction of office space required in London Office.
  • High adoption rates and increased employee satisfaction through workshops hosted by Change Adopt.
  • Seamless user experience and improved management capabilities, resulting in a more efficient and effective workplace.